Process optimization for high demanding application

  1. customer describes the problem, also involves his customer in order to ensure full transparency in the process and the best possible result from the cooperation
  2. we develop a solution including the involvement of partners (e.g. metallography and/or material/component testing laboratories) in close coordination with all parties and draw up a joint project plan
  3. in the case of often very complex and novel production technology topics, we conduct additional research into the state of the art and (usually anonymized) expert interviews in order to consider relevant details for the solutions to be applied
  4. we accompany the experimental work at the customer’s site, accompany the analysis and are available with our know-how for every detail of the process
  5. depending on the scope, we derive targeted follow-up activities from individual campaigns in order to realize the target result in a condensed, cost- and time-efficient manner
  6. we support the customer in transferring the developed process optimization(s) into the application and daily business
  7. depending on the customer’s requirements, we prepare a report on the work carried out, the results achieved, the degree of fulfillment of the underlying requirement(s) and provide recommendations for the subsequent procedure