DED Services GmbH

DED Services GmbH was founded in May 2023 as part of the corporate succession of the founders Köhler, Phochkhua and Rajput through the acquisition of the majority shares of Meissner-Mechanik GmbH and the complete takeover of the real estate, land and equipment from the sole proprietorship of Mr. Gunter Meißner by KPR Holding GmbH.

The joint site of the three companies is located in the industrial estate of the town of Helmstedt in Porschestraße, north-west of the town center, conveniently situated on the A2 between Braunschweig and Magdeburg. Helmstedt is located on the eastern edge of Lower Saxony in northern Germany.

DED Services GmbH is fully committed to the application and consulting of the technology of the same name. Details of the process and the service portfolio can be found here on the website – of course we are also happy to answer any questions you may have!

Dipl.-Ing. Giorgi Phochkhua - DED-Services GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Giorgi Phochkhua

Managing Director
Operational management

Giorgi Phochkhua graduated as B.Sc. in aircraft engineering at the technical university of Georgia in 1999 and finished his degree in mechanical engineering (Dipl. Ing.) at Clausthal University of Technology in 2008. He started his professional career in petroleum engineering. Since 2015 he has been working in various management roles within the laser surface technology. Inspired by DED processes and applications and after gaining deeper knowledge and experience Giorgi co-founded DED Services GmbH in Germany.

Dr.-Ing. Henry Köhler - DED-Services GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Henry Köhler

Managing Director
Sales and consulting

Since finalization of his engineering studies in 2005, Dr. Henry Köhler deeply focussed on DED. Throughout his career he covered all levels – from fundamental and applied r&d to industrial application, in a manifold of roles – researcher, manager, consultant and sales, at different stakeholders – from research institute over SME to large corporation. To provide industry maximum benefit from this technology, he co-founded a company fully dedicated to service and consulting in this key-technology.

M.Sc. Rohan Rajput - DED-Services GmbH

M.Sc. Rohan Rajput

Managing Director
Process, quality and technology

Rohan Rajput completed his masters in Microsystems engineering at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and since 2011 focusses on industrial DED processes and applications development. Throughout his professional years, he has gained deeper knowledge in applying DED in various applications for automotive, oil and gas, tooling, etc. In order to diversify and implement DED on a broader aspect, Rohan co-founded DED Services GmbH in Germany.