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Your competent partner for Directed Energy Deposition: Laser powder based cladding – from simple coating to complex 3D structure, including finishing!

We support you from the initial classification phase, e.g. whether and where the technology can be technically meaningful and commercially successful for your specific context, through the planning of a processing strategy and embedding in your application, to production technology qualification and implementation on our or your systems!

In addition to our own capacities, we have direct access to a highly specialized network of suppliers of upstream and downstream process steps, as well as partners with whom we can solve and advise on special requirements – feel free to contact us with your individual challenges!


DED Services

  • Laser-Powder-DED with our own system: LASERTEC 65 DED hybrid – ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING Machines by DMG MORI – DMG MORI UK
  • Pre-, intermediate-, finsh processing in one system and fixture (esp. milling, turning, drilling)
  • Heat treatment (pre-, post-treatment in-situ by Laser and/or furnace based)
  • Metrological recording and documentation of process variables, component dimensions (e.g. compliance with tolerances using contactless and optical measurement technology)
  • Standard-compliant qualification

DED Consulting

  • Consulting in all phases of project life: from fundamental considerations to feasibility tests, qualification, start-up and production issues
  • Option to supporting the above activities by transferring customer technology to our system technology and re-transferring to customer systems
  • Calling in third-party partners from our large technology and industry network as required
  • Metallographic analysis, findings and derivation of recommendations for action


  • Milling, turning, drilling, thread cutting etc., up to 5-axis, CNC-controlled and conventional, see Meissner Mechanik GmbH Maschinen- und Apparatebau (mm-he.de)
  • Further processing steps, e.g. laser cutting, vibratory/flat cylindrical grinding, glass bead blasting
  • Further treatment, e.g. by shot peening, deep/flat rolling

Powder based laser cladding is referred to in the latest standards as LP-DED, which stands for Laser Powder Directed Energy Deposition. The process differs from other DED processes, such as laser-based wire processes, powder- or wire-based arc processes and powder bed 3D printing, in that it has a number of unique features and advantages.

LP-DED is used to functionalize component surfaces, e.g. for wear and corrosion protection, for new components and for reconditioning of used components. Whereas in the past only coatings or simple volumes were built up, the latest developments in systems, software and measurement technology enable very precise additive manufacturing through to complete processing of the end product in a single clamping operation.

The technology is highly disruptive and by no means all market segments have been developed. Typical applications can already be found in mold and tool making, the automotive, energy, recycling and aerospace industries. Materials of different types can be processed together within the scope of their compatibility (multi-material structure, e.g. iron, nickel and copper-based materials next to each other and/or alternating layers). Pre-processed geometries can be further processed directly with the LP-DED process, e.g. from an upstream milling process, so that only functional areas and volumes can be built up and finished cost-effectively.

We use the latest in- and ex-process measurement and control technology methods to ensure full transparency and traceability as well as maximum quality of the machining result. In addition, we live up to our high quality standards, which are the result of many years of technological application.


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